Suffering With Severe Tooth Damage?

Get dental crowns from Classic Smiles in Iowa City, IA

From dental crowns to bridges, Classic Smiles does it all. If you have damaged, broken or missing teeth, Classic Smiles in Iowa City, IA will help you get the smile you want. We also offer some cosmetic dentistry services that can help improve your dental aesthetics. Your dentist will walk you through your options, perform a full examination and recommend what services work for you.

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Crowns, implants and bridges

Missing and damaged teeth are often painful and create insecurities around your smile. Give yourself the bright, white smile you've been dreaming about by visiting us to see if the cosmetic dentistry services we offer are right for your case.

Here are a few ways Classic Smiles can restore your teeth:

  • Crowns protect your tooth by completely covering it with metal or ceramic. Dental crowns are often used when the damage from a cavity is too severe for a simple filling.
  • Bridges are designed to fill in gaps where teeth are spaced out or missing. Classic Smiles often recommends bridges for patients who have problems chewing or speaking because of their missing teeth.
  • Implants are the best way to replace a tooth that is missing or has been removed. These teeth are permanently implanted during a surgical procedure.

Whether you need dental crowns or implants, Classic Smiles will work with you to restore your smile.

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