Dental Sealants

Many people confuse fillings, crowns, and sealants. However, sealants are specifically designed to protect your molars from tooth decay. How does the procedure work? If your dentist decides that you need dental sealants, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and a gel or etching solution will be placed over them. After this, the teeth will be rinsed off with water and then the sealant will be applied and cured with a blue light, similar to the process of a filling.

While many people hear "dental sealants" and instantly think they are painful, this is far from true. Dental sealants are painless, easy to apply, and can last more than half a decade. In fact, many times parents will have their children's permanent teeth sealed in order to prevent cavities down the road. Classic Smiles specialize in all types of filings, crowns, and dental sealants.